Welcome to the World of Virtual Speakers’ Assistants!

“Becoming a virtual speaker’s assistant opened up an entire new revenue stream for my virtual assistant business. I am able to work with speakers in setting up their businesses, handling their travel plans, working with meeting planners and speakers bureaus and generally keep things going while the speaker is creating magic on stage. Your program left no stone unturned.

This is not just a training program – it is a full speaker client support system that never ends!”

Add to your practice earning great money while helping speakers prepare speeches, organizing their communications with event planners and helping them market and sell their passions for their topics with emails, blogs, product launches and more – all while learning the ins and outs of the speaking industry.

Great for virtual assistants, freelance professionals or anyone with an administrative background who needs a new source of income or a part-time job.

We fully prepare you to provide all the services speakers ask for most and give you what you need to grow your own virtual business, attract clients and build your web presence.

“I am enjoying this course just as much as I did the VAA. It is incredibly helpful to have one source to use as a starting point and I know it will save me untold hours.”–Phyllis Chase, Phoenix, AZ

Enjoy learning on your time and at your own pace.

Enjoy continuing education and support for the life of your business.

As soon as you register, you have instant access to the acclaimed VSA Online Headquarters.  A now and future resource, business center, support network and industry exclusive, with hundreds of pages, tips and links, there when you have any questions in your work with speakers.

As soon as you complete the course you also have your own web page on our acclaimed Speaker Assistant Directory which allows thousands of speakers to find you and your unique services.


A message to you from the course creator, Jan King:

JanKing“Hello. I’m Jan King and I created the PVSA course to provide support to virtual assistants who want to become the go-to resource for their speaker clients.   Speakers make great clients and there is a tremendous need for virtual assistants who can provide those services speakers don’t have the time or expertise to do themselves. You can help speakers get on stage more often and do less of what’s in between their speaking engagements.


My own clients are nonfiction authors. I work as a publishing strategist, a combination of an old-fashioned editor at a publishing company and a literary agent.  About 2/3 of my clients self publish and 1/3 find major publishers.  Once they’ve completed and published their books, almost all of them go out on the speaking circuit both to sell their books and get their message out.

With the Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Training Program, you benefit from all my publishing, book marketing and business experience. You get instant access to the course and all the resource materials you will use for years to come. But I didn’t create this program alone. I created it with the expertise of Vickie Sullivan, who has helped many speakers become stars and knows what kind of administrative support makes that possible.

You will have immediate access to a supportive, connected, helpful network of working virtual speaker’s assistants to answer your questions and help you succeed. To get access to all of this insider information and one-on-one training could easily cost thousands of dollars if purchased separately.  Vickie and I both have a number of clients who pay $1,000 and more a month, month in and month out to have access to our time and expertise.


Are you tired of online training courses taught by those with no real experience and who can’t answer your real life questions on working with clients? Or courses that dump you out on your own the minute you pay your money or finish with the course?  Are you as tired as I am of the courses that seem to throw in everything but the kitchen sink, but are mostly fluff and very little usable material? Are you ready for a course that offers ongoing support without the usual annual membership fees, registration fees or other costs you don’t hear about up front?

Start putting time and energy into your future with work you can feel great about.