Benefits of VSA Training

Here are the big, big benefits of taking the Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Training Program

checkA new career providing more than 40 core services to speakers and more – Work with creative and grateful clients who need your help making their dreams of becoming a professional come true.  Enjoy your work, collaborate with interesting clients, finish each day knowing you have truly made a contribution, learn about the speaking industry and make great money.  A winning combination!

checkVirtual Learning – The the entire course available onlinetake a look at what you get in every section of the course.   NO MORE waiting for course materials to arrive or waiting for a teleclass or webinar to start.  NO MORE shipping fees.  For international students this can be a huge savings.  With just one click you can get started right away.

We get more time to spend creating a great course and focusing on making your business a success.  And less time dealing with printing, shipping and best of all it lets us offer the course at a great price.

checkEverything is included – nothing extra to buy – ever  FOR THE LIFE OF YOUR BUSINESS
. When there are changes in the speaking industry, we teach you what you need to know – through articles, downloads and specialty videos and webinars  – and you get it all at no extra charge – ever.  Have you ever seen a course make that promise?  We are just that committed to providing professional working virtual speaker’s assistants to speakers and the speaking industry.  They need you!

CertificatecheckA professionally-recognized certification
- Professionals have a way of demonstrating to the public that there are recognized standards of skill and expertise they can count on.
* Certification tells your clients that you are a serious professional, dedicated to their success
* Certification tells your clients that you have received training, that you are someone who knows her stuff
* Certification is something you can be proud of, knowing you have been tested and are ready to work with speakers

worldcheckWork anywhere in the world-  The whole point of having a virtual business is that you can work from anywhere in the world for anyone in the world.  You are not just limited to clients in your own area or even your own country and clients anywhere and everywhere can find you when you are listed in the Speakers Assistant Directory.

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