Included in the Program, Fees

Program Fees* **
Everything you read about below is included for one fee for the entire program, which starts with training and continues with support for the life of your business. Your investment for the entire package:

  • $597 US, one time payment, or
  • Three payments of $216, one every 30 days.

You can choose your option by selecting the blue button for the one payment option or the red button for the three payment option. Regardless of the option you choose, you have access to all training materials right away. All fees are nonrefundable once you have accepted your invitation to the password protected web site.

$597US, one time payment

$216 US, Three Payments


Program Includes
The acclaimed The Complete Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Training Program, the comprehensive, jam-packed, self-paced, step-by-step course of videos and instructional downloads.  No having to pay for shipping, no waiting weeks for delivery -  instant gratification.  You will have immediate access to over 250 pages of instructions, notes, checklists, planners and step-by-step guidance that will be a reference long after you complete the class.

Here’s how it works:

If you are already a virtual professional, you may want to learn just the 32 sections of speaker services and we have the materials arranged “by subject” just for you.  We have had very motivated participants complete the course  in a long weekend! If you are new to working virtually, you may want us to start with the Business tab which will tell you all about how to set up your virtual business.

checkThe training course is just one aspect of the password-protected, exclusive Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Online Headquarters. The Online HQ is available to you not only during the class, but afterward so you can get updates to the constantly changing speaking industry.   A dynamic on-line peer community that will support you well beyond the class, including recommended industry professionals to refer your clients to, such as web designers, marketing consultants and many more.  Includes all the links to the sites recommended in the course and recommended by your peers.

A gateway to continuous learning and honing your skills for years to come, with many ways to learn, whatever fits your style. If there is a speaker service you want to watch and hear about again, you can do that anytime, even months later. Each of the services has downloads that give you the step-by-step of everything you will see on the slidecasts, so if you like reading better than watching or listening, you can do that too!  And whenever there is a new trend in the speaking industry (like how speakers can benefit from using Twitter), we add to the course and offer webinars to introduce you to the new materials.  Once you have registered for the basic course, everything else is included – you never pay extra for  and you always have access to updated material.

checkWhen you have successfully completed the course, you become a certified PVSA (Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant) and earn a free Business Profile page on our Speaker’s Assistant Directory. With a first page Google ranking our PVSA Directory is for speakers looking for speaker’s assistants.  As a graduate of our course you can create a personal page on the directory, marketing your new business and services.

But we didn’t want to merely create a great training course, we wanted to create a full business support system so we added more amazing benefits:

EmailNetworkingBenefit # 1:
To help you get your virtual speaker’s assistant business off to the right start and as quickly as possible we have included over 30 sample forms and letters, checklists, and worksheets you can use day after day and year after year in working with speakers. We give this to you in both a hard copy format (you can use them with a pencil or pen) and where appropriate, in downloadable spreadsheets so you can use them right on the computer and attach them to your emails as reports to your authors).  Here just a sample of SOME of the things you’ll find:
* Permissions Tracking and Planning Log (includes sample forms to get required permissions for quotes and stats)
* Speaker Programs Titles and Description Log
* Testimonial Request Forms and Tracker
* Target Audience Research Guide
* Event Detail Form
* Event Technology Preferences Form
* Meeting Planner Questionnaire and Checklist
* Speaker Bureau Assessment Checklist
* Speaker Travel Preference Checklist
* Speaker Office Procedures Worksheet
* Back-of-the-Room-Sales Checklist

Benefit # 2: Advanced topic classes to keep you up to date offered live when there are major changes in the industry. We know that your learning about working with speakers doesn’t end when you finish the course.  In this fast-paced ever-changing environment, your clients expect you to keep up and bring them the latest ways to organize their speeches and handouts and market their products.  We bring you new concepts and interesting experts who talk specifically about how to market these services to speakers.  If you have to miss a advanced class, don’t worry – we record them all so you will have the information when you need it.

Benefit #3:
Proposal, Contract and Sample Invoice for Speaker’s Assistant Services
. One of the hardest things for a new virtual professional to do is market their new skills.  To help get you off to a great start we created a VSA proposal that puts in your hands a document that sells your business for you. It lets you put your best foot forward and present your new skills as a new professional in your field.  Creating contracts can be costly and time consuming. Our additional benefit to you is a working contact you can use with your very first client.  Our priority is to see you succeed and in the shortest time possible.

Benefit # 4:
We added a whole unit of the course devoted to help you find profitable clients who want to do business with you.
Here is a sample of just SOME of the  forms and letters, checklists, and worksheets specifically designed to help you grow your business quickly by helping you market to authors immediately:

* New Client Checklist.  You won’t have to fumble around and guess as to what to ask a new client.  We have created a form that will save you hours of time and guesswork
NewClientChecklist2* Proposal contact worksheet to brainstorm new sources of author clients
* Two forms to use to interview potential speaker clients to know if they are right for you and you are right for them.
* Follow up email samples to know how to delicately push prospects to become clients.
* Press Releases to announce your certification and promote your VSA business
* Two Prospect Free Reports to entice people to sign up on your web site mailing list
* VSA Articles that can be used with our permission on your VSA site or in your newsletter to educate potential clients and highlight your expertise
* Numerous samples of client correspondence
* Sample elevator speeches and language to talk to author clients

Benefit # 5:
Challenge Practice Exercises
. Increase your confidence by doing the challenge practice exercises that give you the opportunity to learn and then try out your new skills. We will give you feedback so you know you are doing the work the right way and are ready to work with clients.

Benefit # 6:
Two acclaimed VSA Forums
.  Continued support from your fellow VSA professionals and speaking industry professionals, long after you take the course and whenever you have a question working with a speaker.  Let’s say you have a new speaker client and you are asked to handle something brand new for you.  Just ask!  Your peers will have the answer. (Other websites charge outrageous monthly fees for continued access to their sites.)

We took a lot of time creating all the aspects of this course. We wanted products that you could actually use and would benefit your life and your new business. Not just a bunch of useless freebies that would clutter up your computer and distract you from your success.

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