Praise From Happy Speakers’ Assistants

Hear from just a few of the people who have enjoyed the course and now work with speakers.

“I’m enjoying this course just as much as I did the Virtual Author’s Assistant Training Program.  It is incredibly helpful to have one source to use as a starting point and I know it will save me untold hours. Thanks!”
Phyllis Chase, CPS, PVAA, PVSA


“Your program has truly been both life-changing (gave me renewed confidence) and business-changing (I finally have an active roster of clients) for me, Jan! Every single time I go to a live event and network with potential speaker and author clients, I am so well-received. These people want and need the help. And they so appreciate that there is someone who has been trained to assist them with their specific needs. I love my clients. They are simply amazing. And they continue to refer me to other speakers/authors who they feel could benefit from my assistance.”
–-Chela M. Hardy, PVAA, PVSA

“I have worked with speakers for several years. After taking this program, I’m confident in the many things I can do for speaker clients and know that I will be able to attract more high quality speaker clients. Speakers are looking for many things and this course puts it all together and not only teaches skills and systems but also shows how to market those skills to potential speaker clients. Thanks for developing this valuable course.”
–- Janica Smith, PVAA, PVSA