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Thanks for reading this page before deciding whether or not this training program is right for you. From those on the fence, I get one of two typical responses. “Okay, you’ve convinced me that there are speakers out there who would pay for these services, but…”

1. “No one can learn the speaking industry in a week or a month, so there is no way this course can do what it says”, or
2. “I don’t need a course to teach me these things – I can research them myself for my clients without having to pay for the information.”

Let’s analyze the truth in both of these statements.

PhotoCollageThere is no way you can become an expert on the speaking industry in a week or a month, that’s true, but that is not what an speaker’s assistant needs to do the job well. The virtual speaker’s assistant does a number of important administrative tasks, saving the speaker time and money because the speaker’s assistant knows the steps and has material to refer to for any question. He or she also knows how and when to refer the speaker to other qualified professionals for things beyond his or her expertise.

StutzBookLaunchAnd yes, you could spend time researching and learn many of these things. But you would have trouble being sure you got the right answers. There is so much contradictory information about the speaking industry on the Internet and few definitive sources. Plus factual research will only take you so far – it is not the same as learning directly from someone who has had experience with the development of hundreds of books of all types and genres and the many and varied needs of hundreds of speakers.

Like any training program, it is important for you to do it only if it is right for you and if it will increase your productivity and profitability as a VA. But if you are working with speakers now there is important information you should know. Let me give you a way to test your own “administrative” speaking industry knowledge.

Here are 10 questions, the answers for which you would know if you took the course. If you can answer most of them, then you might just know enough about the speaking business to assist speakers without any course.

questionmark-symbol If the speaker requests permission to use something created by someone else in a handout, can he or she use if it is less than 10 words or if he or she doesn’t hear back in 30 days?

questionmark-symbol How would you go about researching the hottest speakers (your speaker’s competition)?

questionmark-symbol How would you answer the question from a prospect who calls and the phone and asks, “Does she speak for free?”

questionmark-symbol What is the typical deposit required by a speaker working with a speakers bureau?

questionmark-symbol What is a “hold date” for a speaking engagement?

questionmark-symbol Is a lavaliere microphone wired or wireless?

questionmark-symbol What are timing cards?

questionmark-symbol What is a leave behind?

And even if you know these answers today (and I’m really impressed if you do), what about the pace of change going on in the speaking industry, especially with new technology? Are you reading all the industry periodicals and keeping up with the business? If you take the training program, we do that for you because we provide updated materials, specialty classes and unlimited personal support for the life of your business. It’s like having your own personal speaking VSA coach and mentor and Google research just can’t give you those kinds of connections and depth of experience.

R_clockHere’s my final thought: How much is your time worth?
Since it took Jan King months of time to compile this information and she was an expert in this area. The time you spend doing the research could be spent serving new clients. Based on typical VSA fees, we estimate it will take you less than three days of client work to make the money to pay yourself back for the cost of the course. Would you rather spend that time doing research or finding new and profitable speaker clients?

As always, you know where to find us if you have any questions or concerns we haven’t answered on this web site. Best wishes, Janica & Michelle.
Janica Smith and Michelle Mack
Program Directors, Professional Virtual Speaker’s Assistant Training Program
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